Health First Colorado

For Our Patients with Medicaid or Health First Colorado

Understanding Medicaid Preauthorization:

If you are a patient with Medicaid or Health First Colorado, there’s an important step in your journey to a new smile that is specific to your coverage plan. Here’s what you need to know about the Medicaid preauthorization process for orthodontic treatment:

  1. Initial Records Collection: During your initial consultation, along with the usual assessment of your dental needs and discussion of treatment options, we’ll take additional steps to comply with Medicaid requirements. This involves taking detailed records that include intra-oral photographs, panoramic (pano) X-rays, and cephalometric (ceph) X-rays. These records are critical for the next step in the process.
  2. Submission for Preauthorization: We will submit these detailed records to Medicaid for preauthorization. This process involves reviewing your orthodontic needs to ensure they meet Medicaid’s criteria for coverage. It’s an essential step to secure funding for your treatment and is specific to Medicaid or Health First Colorado patients.
  3. Approval and Scheduling: Once we receive approval from Medicaid, we’ll contact you to discuss the good news and plan the next steps. This approval is your green light for orthodontic treatment covered under Medicaid. We’ll schedule your appointment for braces placement or to receive your first set of aligners, marking the official start of your orthodontic treatment journey.
  4. Continuous Support: Throughout your treatment, we remain committed to providing the best care and support. We’ll guide you through each phase, from adjustment visits to maintaining oral health, and finally, to the successful completion of your treatment.