Memoform Aligners

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Precision-Crafted Aligners: The Start of Your Journey

Crafted with precision, each aligner presents a viable, cost-effective option to Invisalign or traditional braces. It all begins with a detailed 3D scan of your teeth.

From Blueprint to Aligner: Our Process

This digital blueprint undergoes transformation. Using cutting-edge 3D printing and special resin, we craft a custom-fit aligner.

The Result: Comfort and Clarity on Your Path to a Smile

You get an aligner that fits flawlessly. It’s comfortable, clear, and effective, making your journey to a beautiful smile both discreet and affordable. This offers an alternative that competes with Invisalign in both cost and convenience.

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Aligners can be tailored to each tooth’s form and thickness using 3D design, ensuring optimal orthodontic force

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3D printed Direct Aligner ensure precise contact with teeth surfaces, derived from 3D scan data. This guarantees effective tooth movement and rotation.

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Aligners can regain their original form and orthodontic force when dipped in warm water. This also aids in easy wear and removal.

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When you notice a decrease in the aligner’s orthodontic force, simply immerse it in warm water to restore it to its original form and strength.

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Aligners can be disinfected in hot water without deformation. This helps make maintenance easier and more hygienic.

Asthetics-1 Memoform Aligners

The material ensures transparency, rendering the aligners nearly invisible. They are resistant to discoloration and can swiftly recover their clear appearance with just a simple brushing.

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Created with advanced 3D printing, these aligners provide a custom fit unmatched by traditional thermoformed options. Memoform aligners feature a shape memory function, regaining their original form with warm water exposure, enhancing wearability and ensuring steady orthodontic force. They also excel in transparency and resist discoloration, rendering them almost invisible and highly durable.

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Memoform Aligners: Innovation Meets Safety

Memoform Aligners leverage advanced photopolymer resin technology from Graphy, tailored for the demands of 3D printed dental orthodontics. This resin is notable for its shape memory and transparency. Above all, it underscores a deep commitment to patient safety.

Unparalleled Hygiene and Maintenance

The aligners feature a heat disinfection capability, streamlining maintenance and bolstering hygiene. This reduces the risk of bacterial contamination significantly.

Rigorous Safety Standards

All materials, including Graphy’s photopolymer resin, are subject to thorough biocompatibility and non-toxicity tests. They are certified free from harmful substances. This ensures they are safe for prolonged contact with oral tissues.

Commitment to Patient Well-being

The well-being of patients using these aligners is our top priority. Our approach to orthodontic treatments is rooted in a dedication to quality and patient care, reflecting in every aligner we produce

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Experience a New Era in Orthodontics with Memoform Clear Aligners: The Affordable, Comfortable, and Efficient Solution